In around two weeks, Heidi Klum (50) will be looking for “Germany’s next top model” again. For the first time in the long history of the casting format, not only her famous “Meedchen” get a chance at the title, but also “Meenchen”. In addition to female models, male candidates now also have the chance – including one who many reality TV fans might already know.

Klum and the broadcaster are now introducing the first 20 models who will be there in the 19th season. The model mom posted two pictures on Instagram, each showing ten candidates. Pitzi (33), who made a TV appearance in the “Prince Charming” spin-off “Charming Boys” last year, can also be seen.

Pitzi, who has been a hair and make-up artist for ten years, has big plans – and reveals in an interview with the broadcaster that he believes “that’s why I’ve developed a good eye for this profession. Now it’s my time to become a model to become.” He sees himself “on the catwalks of the world and on various covers” in five years.

The other candidates include Max (20), Linus (25) and Frieder (25) as well as Marvin (22), Aldin (22), Felix (20), Maximilian (21), Julian (24) and Jermaine (19). The girls are Sara (28), Lea (24), Lydwine (21), Fabienne (20), Xenia (23), Leoni (25), Lilian (24), Alexandra (21), Lilli (22) and Kadidja (21) into the TV catwalk race.

Male and female models will each compete for the crown, as there will be both a male and female winner. The winner each receives prize money of 100,000 euros and ends up on the cover of the fashion magazine “Harper’s Bazaar”.

Fans can already view the profiles of the first 20 models on the show’s homepage. ProSieben will show the first episode of the new “GNTM” season on February 15th at 8:15 p.m. It starts with an open casting in Berlin.