They have stood in front of the camera together one or the other time, but they did not shoot a series together: The streaming service Amazon Prime Video will now implement a project with Anke Engelke (57) and Bastian Pastewka (50). The two actors are “a real dream couple in front of the camera,” explains Philip Pratt, Head of German Originals for Prime Video, in a statement. Viewers should now “look forward to their first joint series project”.

The original series, for which no title or details of the content are known, is being produced by bildundtonfabrik (btf). The production company became known primarily through the implementation of several formats with Jan Böhmermann (41). The start date for the new project with Engelke and Pastewka is planned for 2024.

Anke Engelke and Bastian Pastewka have shot together several times. They were members of the “Wochenshow” and formed the comedy stage duo Wolfgang

“Anke and I spend 50 percent of our lives making each other laugh,” Pastewka explained at the start of the season in an interview with spot on news. “Bastian is a big threat for me from a comedic point of view,” added Engelke. “I’ve known him for so long now and I admire him very much, because of his work, but also because of his facial expressions, because of his little facial gymnastics. They’re so small, but they trigger me immediately.” The 57-year-old competed in season one (fifth place) and season three (first place) of “LOL.”