Andrew Lloyd Webber (75) has shared new details about his son’s health. The British star composer had previously announced that he had been fighting stomach cancer for 18 months and was “seriously ill”. Webber now said on Instagram that his eldest son Nick (43) has been admitted to a hospice. The 43-year-old was diagnosed with pneumonia as a result of his cancer.

Andrew Lloyd Webber posted his thanks for the many messages of support for his son. He continued in the clip, which he recorded in England: “He has now been placed in hospice and is struggling. I think he’s gotten over the worst of this pneumonia that he got as a result of his cancer, which is just awful is. We’re all here and the family gathered here and I think it was the right place for all of us.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber skipped the New York premiere of his new musical. The Oscar-winning composer wished his ‘Bad Cinderella’ cast the best of luck on opening night on Broadway, saying he was “absolutely disappointed” not to be there. “The reports I’m getting back from New York from the team there just goes to show that the show is in as good shape as it could be.” At the end of his post, Lloyd Webber added: “I’m going to see Nick in a minute. I’ll be passing on all the fantastic wishes I’ve received for him from all over the world.”

Nick Lloyd Webber is also a successful composer and producer. He is known, among other things, for his work on the BBC series “Love, Lies and Records”. He was nominated for a Grammy for co-producing the recording of the London production of Cinderella.