In their podcast “Liebes Leben” (exclusively on Podimo), Amira Pocher (31) and her brother Ibrahim “Hima” touched on a topic that was apparently increasingly burning under her nails: the still close friendship between Hima and her Ex Oliver Pocher (46). The catalyst for the discourse was a spontaneous trip between the two men to London to see a show by the comedian Ricky Gervais (62).

Amira has obviously thought a lot about her brother’s cultural affair with Oli and asks Hima: “What do you actually do when a Mola [Adebisi, editor’s note] and an Oli talk badly about me? Do you then get up and leave away?” He replies: “They won’t do that in front of me.” In principle, Hima goes on to say that he would definitely contradict Oliver Pocher and hold a mirror up to him if he goes too far with his statements about Amira.

She can now handle the fact that her brother and her ex still spend so much time together. But that wasn’t always the case. When faced with some nasty comments from her ex, she asked herself: “How can you watch a movie with him when you know what he’s doing to me in public?”

In the opposite case, if Hima had a girlfriend who had publicly insulted him for months, she wouldn’t know “what I would have done with her” – probably not flying to London together.

She was less lenient with friends who went to one of Oliver Pocher’s stage shows than with her brother and “diligently sorted them out.” She continues: “I thought to myself – ‘What the fuck?’ You know what this program comes from and you know what the goal of this program is and you go there – I don’t understand that.”