High-quality and sustainable solar systems should be more strongly promoted in the EU. Favorable framework conditions for the production of photovoltaic products and further investments should also be created. This emerges from a declaration that the EU Commission, various companies and the majority of EU energy ministers signed at a meeting in Brussels on Monday. In order to support new investments in the solar energy supply chain, all EU financing options and scope should also be considered, the so-called European Solar Charter continues.

Solar energy is reportedly the fastest growing renewable energy source in the EU. The sector offers around 650,000 jobs, and experts say this number is expected to rise to around one million by 2030. However, the majority of the solar modules in demand in Europe come from China, the paper says. This poses long-term risks for the price stability of solar modules due to the dependence on non-European suppliers.

Urgent measures are needed to tackle the crisis in the European manufacturing industry. All those involved – the EU Commission, the member states and the companies – should react by accelerating the introduction of renewables and improving the EU’s security of supply.

At the beginning of February, the European solar industry association ESMC sounded the alarm. The solar industry in Europe is facing an existential threat. If policymakers do not take immediate action to protect EU solar panel manufacturers, relocation or bankruptcy are the only options.

The association welcomed the charter as a “starting point for solving the pressing problems facing the European photovoltaic manufacturing industry.” Concrete measures would have to follow to address the needs and critical issues of the sector.

European Solar Industry Association from February