Britney Spears (41) knows how to draw attention to herself. The singer regularly provides her approximately 42.1 million Instagram followers with dance videos or revealing pictures. In a new post, she shared a clip in which she makes a seemingly dangerous appearance.

The 41-year-old handles two knives, lets them circle through the air as she dances and often comes very close to her face. “I started playing with knives in the kitchen today,” she wrote on the video and later gave the all-clear with a comment added: “Don’t worry, they’re not real knives. It’s almost Halloween!”

The musician had turned off the comment function. Some users at X shared their thoughts on the video. While most expressed relief at Spears’ clarification, others were not satisfied. “Those were 100 percent real knives in Britney’s latest Instagram video,” said one user, not convinced by the explanation. “They’re not fake,” says another user.

Spears had been under a conservatorship for more than 13 years until the end of 2021 after being incapacitated in 2008. Since then, she has repeatedly caused a stir with her social media posts. Most recently, she appeared in a tight, pink bikini and black pumps, lounging on a pink pole dance pole to the song “Don’t Hurt Yourself” by Beyoncé (42), with her hand sliding between her legs leaves. With her other hand she films herself through a mirror placed in front of her.

The end of their marriage also made headlines: in mid-August it became known that Britney Spears and Sam Asghari (29) had separated after six years of relationship. The actor filed for divorce after just 14 months of marriage. This is Spears’ third failed marriage.