“How does this work?” Some of Emma Watson’s 72 million Instagram followers may have wondered when the actress posted a picture of herself.

She is pictured with her brother Alex, who is holding a bottle of the Renais gin the siblings recently launched together. The 33-year-old actress wears a light blue dress by Loewe. It looks as if it is floating on her body, which apparently means that numerous Harry Potter fans cannot resist any magic comparisons.

Many of your followers are fascinated by your dress and write in the comments, for example: “The dress says Wingardium Leviosa”, a spell from the Harry Potter series that can make things levitate. But only if you pronounce it correctly. The writer of the next comment, which refers to a scene from the film series, knows this too: “This is what happens when you say ‘LeviOsa’ instead of ‘Leviosa'”. It goes on to say that the dress defies all physics. A commenter diverts attention to the brother’s shirt, which appears to have been buttoned incorrectly. Less friendly posts ask if she’s wearing a curtain or if the dress is hanging over her ears. Some write that it would look like a folded fitted sheet or an umbrella. But the big question remains how the dress will hold on to her body.

The designer of the dress, Jonathan Anderson, has often experimented with so-called illusion dresses. Watson’s probably comes from the spring-summer 2023 collection. The actress is not the only well-known personality who has apparently taken a liking to the Loewe brand. Beyonce, Karlie Kloss, Jennifer Lawrence and Emily Ratajkowski also appeared in appropriate outfits at public events or concerts. It probably won’t be the last “floating” dress to cause a stir this summer.

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