ARD continues to develop its political talk shows in the first. “Daily Topics” presenter Caren Miosga takes over the Sunday talk after “Tatort” from Anne Will. And the “Maischberger” format, which runs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, should have more broadcast dates during the week, as ARD announced on Friday. So there could be the show with moderator Sandra Maischberger next year again and again on Mondays.

The talk show “Hart aber fair” with moderator Louis Klamroth, who took over the show from Frank Plasberg, should develop into a format that also attracts younger audiences in the ARD media library. Public broadcasting is struggling with the fact that television audiences tend to be older. “Hard but fair” will continue to exist in the classic TV program.

It was already known in June that Miosga was being discussed as Anne Will’s successor. “Bild” reported first. Will will retire at the end of the year. Miosga is giving up her “Daily Issues” job for the new position. Miosga took over the post in “Daily Topics” in 2007, also from Will at the time. Jessy Wellmer will replace Miosga on the news program.

ARD program director Christine Strobl said about the overall concept for the talk shows: “A readjustment of the political talk shows is necessary. It is part of the comprehensive program reform, which aims to digitally restructure the ARD media library and at the same time raise the profile of the first .” A place for political discourse must also be offered to younger people in the digital world. “In order for this to succeed, we have to sharpen the different concepts of the talks, pay attention to diversity of opinion, offer a topic for all population groups, and differentiate between the forms of conversation and the selection of guests.”

The readjustment of the talk shows that has now been initiated will be “taken courageously in the coming years,” said Strobl.

As the successor to Anne Will, Miosga is “the right woman in the right place – open, confident and unconventional,” explained the director of the responsible North German Broadcasting Corporation (NDR), Joachim Knuth. He is looking forward to the broadcaster working with her to lead the most successful political talk show on German television with new impulses into the future.

According to ARD, the decisions still have to be approved by bodies in public broadcasting. The ARD political talks compete with formats on ZDF. The show “Markus Lanz” is shown there several times during the week, and Maybrit Illner talks on Thursdays.