US actress Drew Barrymore (48) pauses her work on a talk show after criticism over the ongoing strike by screenwriters and actors in Hollywood.

“I have listened to everyone and am making the decision to pause the premiere of the show until the strike is over,” Barrymore said on Instagram. She lacked the words to sincerely apologize and said she hoped for a speedy solution to the industrial dispute in the industry.

Barrymore announced at the weekend that she wanted to resume her talk show despite the strikes, in which she has been speaking to other celebrities since 2020. “I stand behind this decision,” the actress previously wrote on Instagram. She wants to stick to not discussing or promoting films or television shows that are on strike. There was then a lot of public criticism and protests in front of the show’s studios in New York.

Moderation job withdrawn

As a result of the campaign, the organizers of the National Book Awards took away her moderation job. The organizers announced that Barrymore’s invitation to moderate the prestigious literary awards ceremony planned for November will be withdrawn.

“Our commitment is aimed at ensuring the focus of the event remains on celebrating authors and books.” Who will take over now has not yet been announced.

The Writers Guild’s more than 11,000 screenwriters have been on strike since the beginning of May, and the actors have also been on strike since July. Among other things, they demand better remuneration and rules for the use of artificial intelligence. There are no signs that the strike will end soon.