17 months after the tragic death of Aaron Carter (1987-2022), there is music from the singer again: his twin sister Angel (36) and his producer Aaron Pearce posthumously released the single “Recovery” on April 26th. This is just the beginning: a whole album will follow on May 24th.

According to Rolling Stone, “The Recovery Album” will feature several songs that Aaron Carter recorded more than a decade ago. “Recovery” should also be heard on the posthumous album. Angel Carter explained on the TV show “CBS Mornings” that fans asked for the music to be released after a benefit concert. She also wants to help people who struggle with substance abuse. “I would like to turn this ship around and really help other people and learn from our history,” she said. The lyrics of “Recovery” reference the late singer’s troubled past and his struggle with drug problems.

A percentage of proceeds from “Recovery” and “The Recovery Album” will go to On Our Sleeves, a mental health nonprofit. A further portion of the proceeds from both projects will also flow into a foundation for the late singer’s son, Prince Lyric Carter (2).

Aaron Carter was discovered dead at his home in Lancaster, California on November 5, 2022 at the age of 34. A housekeeper found him in the bathtub. An autopsy revealed that pop star Nick Carter’s brother, 44, drowned in his bathtub after taking drugs. An album called “Blacklisted” was released just two days after his death, but was later removed from streaming services.