The great zucchini glut is almost there. Well, the low-calorie, popular summer vegetable is so versatile. Try these spicy Zucchini fritters with Feta.

Zucchini has a season of June to October. So it is not boring, you need a variety of recipes. Zucchini buffers are buffers a quick and low-calorie Alternative to conventional mashed potato.

You do not speak in vain of a zucchini glut – every year from June to October, countless Zucchini* Mature and must be harvested before they become too big and dry. The smaller and younger the Zucchini, the aromatic and juicy you are also.

But how to handle the many Courgettes that come one after a short time “from the ears”? Because the vegetables are so mild in taste and easy to use, it’s versatile in the kitchen use. You can process and fill Zucchini*, baking, frying, grilling , or even tasty, crunchy Zucchini pancakes . In this spicy version with Feta are very tasty.

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recipe for Zucchini fritters with Feta: These are the ingredients you will need

for 4 servings, or about 10 zucchini buffer:

500 g Zucchini 1 medium onion 1 sprig of mint a handful of parsley (alternatively, Dill) 80 g flour 1 Egg, size M, 1 teaspoon baking powder juice of half a lemon 100 g Feta cheese salt and pepper neutral oil for Frying (e.g. sunflower oil)

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how to prepare Zucchini fritters with Feta is quite easy to

the Grated Zucchini and leave in a colander to drip slightly. Place the grate the Zucchini on a clean tea towel, wrap them, and press a . The more liquid you press out, the more aromatic the zucchini buffer. Also, they better keep their shape. the you Are at this step, so carefully . Enter the squeezed grate the Zucchini then place in a bowl. Dice the onion very finely. You chop the herbs. Mix the flour and the baking powder. Give it along with the onions, to grate the herbs and the Egg to the Zucchini. Salt and pepper the Whole thing, you mix everything to a sort of dough. You crumble the Feta as small as possible and knead it well the dough. You give so much of Oil in a pan, that is the Zucchini fritters can be baked , and heat it. You forms now from the zucchini dough into small balls, place them in Oil and press them a little flat. Fry the Zucchini fritters on a medium heat for about five minutes on both sides. Fry all the Zucchini fritters and drain them on a plate with kitchen paper to drain.

tip: So that the already finished fried zucchini buffer is not cold, as long as the Rest is still in the pan, keep it on a plate in the oven to warm. 50 degrees are not good enough.

This zucchini buffer fit to Grill and pan-fried vegetables, but can also solo with Tzatziki or quark with Herbs very tasty.

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