Sofia Vergara Rocks Tennis Shoes on Jimmy Kimmel Live Following Knee Surgery

Sofia Vergara made a stylish statement by sporting tennis shoes during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live after recently undergoing knee surgery. The 51-year-old actress apologized to host Jimmy Kimmel for her choice of footwear, explaining that she couldn’t wear high heels due to her recent operation.

During the interview, Sofia revealed that she had undergone an eight-hour operation on her knee, which prevented her from wearing her beloved high heels. Despite the discomfort, Sofia didn’t let her surgery stop her from gracing the cover of The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘Drama Queens’ issue alongside other leading ladies in Hollywood.

Sofia humorously shared that the reason behind her knee problems might be her Latin roots, joking that she couldn’t resist the allure of high heels despite the consequences. She also mentioned that her son Manolo and a friend from Colombia helped take care of her during her recovery.

Despite facing challenges post-surgery, Sofia remained determined to fulfill her professional commitments, such as promoting her new cooking game show, Celebrity Family Food Battle, which Manolo hosts. Her resilience and sense of humor shone through during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, showcasing her unwavering dedication to her work and her signature charm.