NCAA Regionals Showcase 77 Top 200 Draft Prospects

May 30th, 2024 – If you haven’t caught Draft fever yet, just wait until after this weekend. The NCAA regionals kick off on Friday and start a string of nonstop college baseball for the better part of the next month. The 2024 Draft projects to be a college-heavy group, meaning plenty of prospects on the Draft Top 200 list will be dotting your TV screens. Specifically, a whopping 77 of the top 200 prospects are in the tournament, including 27 of the top 50 prospects, 14 of the top 20, and each of the top eight.

On the latest edition of the Pipeline Podcast, Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo broke down what’s in store this weekend and highlighted must-watch prospects to focus on in each regional. Regionals, which are double elimination, are set to run Friday through Sunday, with additional games on Monday if needed. The top team from each region will then compete in super regionals for a chance to go to Omaha for the Men’s College World Series. Every game will be available on one of ESPN’s television channels or streaming platforms.

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of the Top 200 Draft prospects in each regional:


Teams: No. 1 Virginia (National No. 12 seed), No. 2 Miss. St., No. 3 St. John’s, No. 4 Penn
Top Draft prospect: **Dakota Jordan**, OF, Mississippi St. (No. 29)
Other Top 200 prospects: **31. Jurrangelo Cijntje** (Miss. St.), **41. Griff O’Ferrall** (Virginia), **75. Ethan Anderson** (Virginia), **87. Khal Stephen** (Miss. St.), **127. Harrison Didawick** (Virginia), **129. Casey Saucke II** (Virginia), **164. Nate Dohm** (Miss. St.), **174. Hunter Hines** (Miss. St.)


Teams: No. 1 North Carolina (National No. 4 seed), No. 2 LSU, No. 3 Wofford, No. 4 LIU
Top Draft prospect: **Tommy White**, 3B, LSU (No. 15)
Other Top 200 prospects: **20. Vance Honeycutt IV** (UNC), **48. Luke Holman** (LSU), **60. Gage Jump** (LSU), **112. Thatcher Hurd** (LSU), **119. Jared Jones** (LSU), **156. Griffin Herring** (LSU), **172. Casey Cook** (UNC)


Teams: No. 1 Tennessee (National No. 1 seed), No. 2 Southern Miss., No. 3 Indiana, No. 4 Northern Ky.
Top Draft prospect: **Christian Moore**, 2B, Tennessee (No. 25)
Other Top 200 prospects: **26. Billy Amick Jr.** (Tenn.), **63. Drew Beam** (Tenn.), **64. Blake Burke** (Tenn.), **65. Kavares Tears** (Tenn.), **72. Dylan Dreiling** (Tenn.), **114. Connor Foley** (Indiana), **184. Luke Sinnard** (Indiana)


Teams: No. 1 Texas A&M (National No. 3 seed), No. 2 Louisiana, No. 3 Texas, No. 4 Grambling
Top Draft prospect: **Braden Montgomery**, OF, Texas A&M (No. 8)
Other Top 200 prospects: **58. Jared Thomas** (Texas), **59. Ryan Prager** (Texas A&M), **66. Kyle DeBarge** (Louisiana), **100. Christopher Cortez** (Texas A&M), **115. Jalin Flores** (Texas)


Teams: No. 1 Arkansas (National No. 5 seed), No. 2 Louisiana Tech, No. 3 Kansas St., No. 4 Southeast Missouri St.
Top Draft prospect: **Hagen Smith**, LHP, Arkansas (No. 6)
Other Top 200 prospects: **32. Kaelen Culpepper** (Kansas St.), **74. Peyton Stovall** (Arkansas), **78. Tyson Neighbors** (Kansas St.), **163. Jackson Wentworth** (Kansas St.), **180. Brady Tygart** (Arkansas)


Teams: No. 1 East Carolina (National No. 16 seed), No. 2 Wake Forest, No. 3 VCU, No. 4 Evansville
Top Draft prospect: **Nick Kurtz**, 1B, Wake Forest (No. 4)
Other Top 200 prospects: **5. Chase Burns** (Wake Forest), **11. Trey Yesavage** (East Carolina), **13. Seaver King** (Wake Forest), **62. Josh Hartle** (Wake Forest), **107. Michael Massey Jr.** (Wake Forest)


Teams: No. 1 Oregon State (National No. 15 seed), No. 2 UC Irvine, No. 3 Nicholls, No. 4 Tulane
Top Draft prospect: **Travis Bazzana**, 2B, Oregon St. (No. 1)
Other Top 200 prospects: **82. Aiden May** (Oregon St.), **132. Woody Hadeen** (UC Irvine), **192. Bridger Holmes** (Oregon St.), **199. Dub Gleed** (UC Irvine)


Teams: No. 1 Clemson (National No. 6 seed), No. 2 Vanderbilt, No. 3 Coastal Carolina, No. 4 High Point
Top Draft prospect: **Bryce Cunningham**, RHP, Vanderbilt (No. 44)
Other Top 200 prospects: **61. Carter Holton** (Vanderbilt), **188. Jonathan Vastine** (Vanderbilt), **189. Derek Bender** (CCU)


Teams: No. 1 UC Santa Barbara (National No. 14 seed), No. 2 San Diego, No. 3 Oregon, No. 4 Fresno St.
Top Draft prospect: **Matt Ager**, RHP, UCSB (No. 106)
Other Top 200 prospects: **139. Zander Darby** (UCSB), **144. Josh Randall** (USD), **194. Ivan Brethowr** (UCSB)