PATSY PALMER shared a photo of her son Fenton, which she has never seen in public after a heated Instagram row.

Patsy Palmer (Eastenders) star, 49, shared a picture of herself with her son Fenton, to celebrate Fenton’s acceptance into the University of California. Patsy offered her Instagram fans the chance to get exclusive content last month – for a price of PS17.99. This angered some.

Patsy uploaded a black-and-white photo to Instagram of herself and her 21-year old son Fenton.

She captioned the photo with a touching message. She shared that he would be the first “both family” student to go to university.

The 49-year old wrote, “We are so proud about our son.

“This is great news for our family.

“He was accepted to @ucla.

He has done so much to achieve this, and he deserves the best. We love you so much.

It is an incredible achievement to be the first person in your family to go to university, even if it is one of the top in the world.

Patsy’s celebrity friends were quick to extend their congratulations.

Denise Welch, a Loose Women panellist, said that it was “so wonderful news!” !

“We are all proud of Fenton.”

Claire Sweeney also included clapping emoticons in her message: “You have to be so proud x.”

“Being a woman means owning your power.”

“Me days are filled being a wife, mother, entrepreneur, actress/haircare brand owner, writer, influencer, and public figure.

“Time is precious, and it is more important to me who I can share my energy with.”

“I am so happy that Instagram has created a space where creators can give their fans/followers exclusive content and time.”

Patsy said, “I’ll share exclusive curated content to people who are on this wellness adventure to create a better life for themselves.”

The post was criticized by some of her Instagram followers who were not impressed with it.