North Korea reports new cases of fever under 100,000 in the heat of virus battle

According to state media, North Korea’s daily fever case dropped below 100,000 for the first-ever time on Saturday. This was less than three weeks after the country acknowledged a COVID-19 epidemic.

According to Friday’s official KCNA news agency, 88,520 people had fever symptoms, compared to nearly 400,000 10 days ago.

Between the 25 million people and fever patients, the total number of fever sufferers rose to 3.36million in April. KCNA reported no additional deaths. The death toll was at 69 as of Friday.

North Korea has not confirmed that all coronavirus-positive people have been confirmed. This is due to a lack of testing supplies. Experts believe that the reported figures may be exaggerated and it is difficult to determine the true scale of the problem.

According to state media, all sectors and units in the country were “maintaining a maximum alert and mobilized position” to combat the virus. Authorities are calling for “strict, prompt, and advanced” medical tests and check-ups.

“Multiple protective barriers have been constructed to lockdown and close the capital city, border and front, coasts and seas, and airspace in order to fully check for new virus variants,” KCNA stated.

The United States and South Korea offered to assist North Korea in fighting the pandemic, which included vaccines. Pyongyang, however, has not responded.