Kim Kardashian shared a rare glimpse into her $23 million home that she purchased from her estranged husband KanyeWest following their split.

The SKIMS mogul shared a video showing off her minimalist home, which she manages despite having four children.

Since the reality TV star and West first showed it off, there have been some improvements to the sprawling California estate in Calabasas.

Kardashian, 41, walked Vogue through the most intimate spaces in her home. This included her kitchen and living area as well as the sitting room and bedroom. The lush exterior featured a basketball court and a meadow with cars that match the color of her house.

“We are back in my house, once more. A few things were updated. Kardashian, wearing a cream-colored gown that hugged her famous curves, said “I’ve filled it up with amazing art and all of my favorite things I can’t wait to share with you.”

KKW Beauty founder said that “everything is really minimal” in her house. You can see that her living and kitchen are almost entirely white. Her living room features a large, half-circle sofa that matches her off-white walls. The walls are also sparsely decorated with artwork that blends in.

Kardashian stated, “I find there is so much chaos in the world that I want it just really quiet when I get home. I want everything feel calm.”

She did however point out that bright colors, clutter and other distractions can be found in the areas where her children spend the most time: their bedrooms and the playroom.

“It’s almost like my playroom is full of clutter. One bedroom is pink, another is purple, one has blue and one has dinosaurs. Each child can have his or her own bedroom, and it’s so fun. In the main house, calmness is what I like. Surprisingly, my cream house has not been ruined by four children,” she stated.

The prison reform advocate then displayed some of her “objects in my affection,” which included paintings of her oldest child North, age 8, and a wooden trunk that was placed within her bedroom sitting room, gifted by Kris Jenner, her mother.

The only thing that is bright in Kardashian’s living room is her trunk, a treasure trove of Kardashian’s childhood photos. All cream is used in the long curtains, empty fireplace, and rounded couches or chairs.

The backyard and basketball court, which she described as “the best place for kids to hang out”, were her favorite places. She also displayed three of her most beloved cars, which she had fully grayed to match her home: a Lamborghini Urus and a Rolls-Royce, as well as her “favorite baby ever,” a Maybach sedan.

Kardashian said that her meadow has a large vegetable garden that she uses as a gathering spot for her siblings, and her children.

“We grow our own vegetables and fruits, and we pick them right from the garden. Kardashian explained that the family does it together. “All our cousins come and have little baskets. They just want to see how you actually farm it and eat it.”

Kardashian’s video interview follows public appeals by West for a reunification of their families. In February 2021, the TV star filed for divorce against the 44-year-old rapper.

In recent weeks West has been vocalizing on social media more than ever. He took to Instagram to ask God for his family’s return, slam Kardashians’ new boyfriend Pete Davidson, and promote his documentary and album.

This week’s premiere of Netflix’s “Jeen-Yuhs” series focuses on the first episode. It shows the rapper’s early days in the music business and his dreams of becoming an emcee during a time when producers were more prominent.

Page Six reports that West talks about his suicide attempts and his addiction to Percocet.

“I had the house, the wife, the children and the plaques. But still have moments when I feel suicidal and still have moments when I’m addicted, via outlet.

Kardashian and West are still working out the details of their divorce. Attorneys for West filed an opposition to Kardashian’s request to be declared single before dividing their assets.