Jodie Foster will serve as executive producer of the anthology series.

Jodie Foster is now the lead in True Detective’s fourth season.

When the series returns to HBO, the actress of 59 years will be joining it. Although a premiere date has not yet been announced, Variety reports that development of the new episodes started in March.

Oscar-winning actress, Liz Danvers will play the role of Detective Liz Danvers. She teams up with fellow Detective Evangeline Navarr to investigate the disappearances of six men from the Tsalal Arctic Research Station. As they try to solve the case, the detectives will have to confront their own demons.

Foster will also be an executive producer for season four of True Detective: Night Country, an anthology series.

Alan Page Arriaga is well-known for his executive producer role on Shining Girls, Starz. He will co-write the series with Issa Lopez, writer and director. Barry Jenkins will also be executive producing the series.

Foster’s new role is almost a year since she received an honorary Palme d’Or from the Cannes Film Festival in July 2014. With her wife Alexandra Hedison (who she married in 2014), Foster celebrated. Foster accepted Foster’s honor after the couple took to the red carpet together.

This award is the highest at the festival.

“Cannes is a festival that I owe so much. It has completely transformed my life. Even though I had directed before, this was my first Croisette experience. It has been a dream to show one of my films here… Cannes Festival is a festival of auteur film-makers who honour artists,” Foster stated in a statement before the event.

When she was 13, the actress attended Cannes as a cast member in the Palme d’Or winning Taxi Driver. Later, she screened two of the films from her directorial career, The Beaver and Money Monster out of competition at Cannes.