Euro 2021: DB Prepares for Over 100,000 Fan Tickets

With the UEFA EURO 2024™ tournament just around the corner, Deutsche Bahn (DB) is gearing up for a busy summer of football. The company has already sold more than 100,000 Fan Tickets and over 25,000 Fan BahnCards, highlighting the growing trend of climate-friendly travel during the event.

Dr. Michael Peterson, Member of the DB Management Board for Long Distance Passenger Transport, expressed excitement about the preparations for the tournament. He emphasized that DB has the largest and most modern fleet of ICE trains in its history ready to transport passengers during the EURO summer. This means that there will be more trains available than ever before at an international football tournament.

In addition to the increased number of trains, DB is also focusing on ensuring the safety of passengers and employees. With years of experience in handling major events, DB has been working closely with law enforcement and UEFA to coordinate security measures. The company is grateful for the cooperation of federal and state authorities in this regard.

Despite some challenges in the current rail transport situation in southern Germany, DB is working hard to get services back on track. Journey times have been affected, but efforts are being made to restore full service on main lines soon. Technical teams are putting in extra hours to resolve any issues promptly.

To accommodate the influx of fans during match days, DB will be offering nearly 10,000 additional seats per day on ICE and Intercity trains. Special EURO trains will be running frequently, and the company’s 410 modern ICE trains will be in operation. Special offers such as the DB Ticket EURO 2024, Fan BahnCard, and discounted Interrail passes are available to make travel to matches affordable for German and European fans.

Security is a top priority for DB during the tournament. Nearly 6,000 German Federal Police agents and 4,500 security staff will be deployed at train stations and on trains to ensure the safety of passengers. DB is increasing its security presence by 20% for the tournament, with additional security teams on long-distance trains and extra staff on busy match days.

Overall, DB is well-prepared to handle the influx of fans traveling by train during the UEFA EURO 2024™ tournament. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability, DB is ready to provide a seamless travel experience for football enthusiasts across Germany and Europe.