Diego Pablo Simeone, as one of the highest paid coaches in the world, is presumed to have highly developed strategic skills. Since he signed for Atlético de Madrid in December 2011 to occupy his bench, the Argentine coach has managed to get great performance out of the successive red and white squads. However, that ability to deploy his resources, more or less limited, on the grass of a stadium, does not seem to have continuity on the chessboards.

The Atleti coach, who is enjoying his vacations in the Maldives with his family, posted some photos of this summer period on social networks. Among them, one that has powerfully called the attention of social networks and has generated a torrent of responses and ridicule.

In it, ‘Cholo’ Simeone appears playing a game of chess with his son Gio, a soccer player for Hellas Verona in the Italian league. Both share a gesture of concentration that gives an idea of ​​a disputed duel between father and son. But it seems that the reality of photography is not like that at all, responding more to a joke than to a real game.

Almost immediately a tweeter pointed out a couple of aspects of the photo that do not leave the Simeone very well as chess players. The most obvious is that Diego is playing without a king, the most important piece in the game. But he also points out that the board is not well placed to play a game. Some notes that quickly made both criticism and photography viral.

Beyond the error of the improvised chess players, many have wanted to see in the image a simple scene of what is now called posture, and there are even those who have wanted to see a hidden message from the Atlético de Madrid coach in the photo. A squad without a king or perhaps some movement in the transfer market.