The football war does not rest or on vacation. LaLiga and the RFEF continue the brawl, with continuous crossings of statements, attacks and responses that have no end. On Saturday, Javier Tebas, the helmsman of the clubs, drew again, accusing his federal counterpart of “corruption” and demanding his resignation. And this Sunday he received a response from the agency by its spokesman, Javier Gómez Matallanas: “Thebes intends to intoxicate the media to intimidate the authorities.”

“All this is corruption,” Tebas said on Friday after the National Congress of Peñas, in Almería. “Corruption is not only an economic issue, it is also an issue of abuse of power. Sending an employee to record someone is corruption.

There is corruption in the top leaders of the RFEF, not in the institution. And about whether Luis Rubiales should resign, he was resounding: «Yes, without a doubt. He has been doing irreparable damage to football for practically two months.

The RFEF struck back yesterday through Matallanas, who assured that Tebas’ thick words will have judicial consequences: «He speaks of a falsehood, of a great lie, like most of what he says. He mentions a concept as serious as corruption and does not provide, because he cannot, a single piece of information. He asks for disqualification without any legal basis, because some who are at his service have done the previous work of filing empty complaints with the CSD. No endorsement or content. Just the constant pressure and the media mess it creates. He intends to intoxicate the media to try to have a manipulated public trial against the RFEF, and thus intimidate the authorities. Faced with this, the RFEF will act in the corresponding venues so that this plot is reached until the end and justice is done«.

The federative spokesman, who understands that the president of LaLiga acts like this “to camouflage his mismanagement”, insisted: “Thebes does not stop asking for the resignation of Luis Rubiales, it is the umpteenth time he has done so. And, since he doesn’t get it, he tries all kinds of plots to force it. But the president is strong. Better said: he is strong ».