Monday evening, 7 p.m., the star celebrates its 75th birthday with a “STERN HOUR”. Gregor Peter Schmitz, Editor-in-Chief of stern, welcomed Green Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck and best-selling author Juli Zeh. Topics of the evening: a divided Germany and the challenges for the traffic light coalition. “How much change can our society tolerate and what else can one actually say?” Both guests have a clear answer: Germany is not as divided as the media portrays it.

Habeck does not want to completely deny the social division. But there are no clear contrasts such as city versus country, academics versus farmers or man versus woman. Zeh agrees: “Nothing is black or white.” However, she observes growing distrust in political institutions. Zeh has spoken to many people for her novels. Among them are many who only vote for the AfD because the party would never form a coalition with the Greens. “It’s a fatal mood.” Habeck thinks that you have to work on that.