The federal police again warns against manipulated sockets in trains. On Friday morning, as a passenger on a train from the Go-Ahead group from Augsburg to Munich, an officer discovered an apparently manipulated socket and informed the train staff, as the federal police announced on Sunday. An attendant on the train warned passengers against using sockets via an announcement.

After the train entered Munich Central Station, the socket was inspected by federal police officers. These would have confirmed the suspicion of manipulation. After traces had been secured, the socket was replaced. It is being investigated on suspicion of attempted bodily harm, it said.

In the past week there have been several incidents with manipulated sockets on trains from various railway companies, in which several passengers have also been injured. In August, for example, a woman received an electric shock from a manipulated socket during a train journey from Stuttgart to Karlsruhe. According to the police, the perpetrator or perpetrators had pulled thin metal wires out of the socket or put them in on the train.

The federal police are now asking travelers to check a socket before using it to see if there is anything unusual about it. For example, there could be a metal pin or something similar in the socket poles. Anyone who notices anything unusual should inform the train staff.