Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck considers the statement by CDU chairman Friedrich Merz to be “nonsense” that the Greens cannot be a coalition partner for the Union. “That’s surprising, because half of the country is governed by black and green,” said the Green Federal Minister of Economics at the STERN STUNDE, the new live talk format of the star.

Merz “apparently made the calculation without his party,” said Habeck. He is not the press spokesman for the opposition leader. “If it were me, I would say to him: ‘Stop talking nonsense.'” But this is a free country, so Merz can “speak as much nonsense as he wants”.

In the talk format, Habeck also commented on the eye patch photos of Chancellor Olaf Scholz after his jogging accident. At first he thought it was a joke. “At first I thought it was a collage and was supposed to be funny,” said the Green politician. “I think it looks threatening. But I hope it goes well.” He has not yet spoken to Scholz about the injury, but he sent him a message. “We texted. I wished him a speedy recovery, but I didn’t ask what was going on behind the eye patch afterwards.”

Scholz injured his eye while jogging at the weekend and now has to wear an eye patch for a few days because of the swelling and abrasions.

The STERN STUNDE is stern’s new live talk format, which premiered on Monday evening in Berlin. In addition to the Minister of Economic Affairs, best-selling author Juli Zeh was also a guest.