In view of the serious allegations that his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow (38) is still making against him, director Woody Allen (87) is certainly one of the most controversial guests at this year’s Venice Film Festival – probably only topped by Roman PolaƄski (90 ). In an interview with the US industry magazine “Variety”, Allen also came up with his new film, the French production “Coup de Chance”.

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Allen didn’t give a specific example, but went on to get to the point. “It’s silly when it’s not really a feminist issue or it’s not about injustices against women. When there’s too much trying to make it an issue when in reality most people don’t see it as an offensive situation would.”

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Does Allen see himself as “cancelled” in view of this development? “I don’t think about it,” says the filmmaker. “I don’t really know what it means to be canceled. I know it’s all stayed the same for me over the years. […] I write a script, raise the money for it, make the film, shoot it, cut it, and then it will be published.”

However, he admitted that raising money in particular was increasingly dreading him and making him consider retiring: “It’s always such a struggle trying to find money for a film. Do I still want to do it?” He is also bothered by how the film business has developed recently: “I don’t like the idea […] that you make a film and two weeks later it’s on television or on a streaming service.”