Whether house spider, harvestman or trembling spider: When the temperatures drop, the eight-legged animals look for a cozy shelter in which they can overwinter. Since spiders prefer warm quarters, they hide in (garden) sheds, apartments and houses. For those who suffer from arachnophobia – the fear of spiders – recurring visits are associated with great stress or even disgust. If they are able to do so at all, the harmless farm animals are fought and killed using every means possible. It can be more animal-friendly. Because the spiders can easily be caught alive and released outside again. There are practical tools for everyday use so that you don’t have to touch the animals and can keep a safe distance. We will introduce five of them to you below.

If the hairs on the back of your neck stand up at the sight of a spider, the very idea of ​​catching the animals with a handkerchief or a glass is utopian. An insect catcher with an extra long handle can be used here to leave enough distance between yourself and the spider. With the closure initially open, uninvited guests – including insects – are trapped alive in the trap by turning the trap compartment on a flat surface and transported safely outside.

If you want to spend as little time as possible catching the animals (alive), you can also use an electric spider catcher: It is powered by batteries and is intended to ensure that small eight-legged creatures or other insects such as flies, wasps or bees are simply sucked in – without harming the animals. With a total length of 60 centimeters, the spider catcher has the advantage that higher places such as corners on ceilings and walls can be easily reached.

If you are not afraid of spiders, but still don’t want the animals in your home, you can use this short insect catcher. It is significantly smaller, but fits comfortably in the hand and, with its catch compartment, also offers enough space for (live) spiders – alternatively, other insects can also be caught here. The device is used by pushing open the hatch, placing the empty compartment over the object on a flat surface and pushing the lock closed again.

This spider catcher is a type of gripping arm with a long handle. In order to transport unwanted visitors out of the house alive, the gripping tongs – thanks to their 100 soft PVC bristles – carefully cover each animal (according to the manufacturer) so that it can be transported outside alive. For people who are very afraid of spiders, this option is probably the least safe, as the animals cannot be enclosed in a separate escape-proof enclosure.

This insect catcher is not only used to catch spiders or insects. Anyone interested in the eight-legged creatures can use this device to take a closer look at them – in the truest sense of the word. In fact, the insect catcher contains an integrated magnifying glass for closer inspection. The acrylic magnifying glass has a five-fold magnification power. For adults and children who are interested in spiders, this everyday help is a double benefit. The animals are captured using a closure flap with a chamber.

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