Will the scheming career woman Amanda Woodward soon be pulling the strings on TV screens again? As the US site “Entertainment Weekly” reports, CBS Studios is working on a reboot of the 90s cult series “Melrose Place”. What’s more: According to the report, Heather Locklear (62) will take on the role of Woodward again and other members of the original cast will be on board with her.

For example, Daphne Zuniga (61), who played freelance photographer Jo Beth Reynolds in the soap opera that aired from 1992 to 1999. The third returnee is Laura Leighton (55), who played the character Sydney Andrews in “Melrose Place”. It is not clear from the article whether other actors from the original series will be at the party.

The return of Leighton in particular will surprise those familiar with the series. The “Beverly Hills, 90210” spin-off was re-released in 2009, with Leighton’s character dying in the series within the first few minutes. Her supposed return seems to indicate that the second reboot doesn’t care about the events of “Melrose Place 2.0”.

A little is also known about the plot of the new edition. So there is a “sudden death within the circle of friends” that leads the well-known characters back to “Melrose Place” in West Hollywood. However, this brings to light old traumas, past romances and newly emerging arguments. The screenwriter and producer of the “Melrose Place” reboot is Lauren Gussis, who was also involved in the unusual crime series “Dexter”.

“Melrose Place” was created as a spin-off in 1992, around two years after the start of “Beverly Hills, 90210”. At first, the spin-off was unable to build on its success – until Heather Locklear joined as Amanda Woodward at the end of the first season. She remained loyal to the series until its finale in 1999 after seven seasons and a total of 226 episodes.

In the 2009 reboot, Locklear, like the other “Melrose Place” main actors, did not appear – there were only a few guest appearances. After just one season with 18 episodes, the new edition was canceled.