Twelve years after “Men in Black 3”, Will Smith (55) once again slipped into the iconic costume of an alien hunter. During a performance by reggaeton superstar J Balvin (38) at the Coachella Festival, the actor surprisingly came on stage. As in the cult film trilogy, he wore a black suit, a black tie and black sunglasses. Then Will Smith sang “Men in Black”, the theme song of the 1997 hit film, with J Balvin.

Will Smith’s guest appearance fit the stage design perfectly. In the middle stood the gigantic head of an alien. Dancers dressed as classical aliens moved around him. Green men with big heads. J Balvin is known for his shows that revolve around a specific theme.

After Smith and J Balvin sang “Men in Black,” government officials dressed in black came on stage. They grabbed the Colombian and dragged him away. Will Smith pulled out the lightning thing that the “Men in Black” use to erase the memories of witnesses.

In 1997, Will Smith played Agent J for the first time alongside Agent K Tommy Lee Jones (77). A year after “Independence Day,” “Men in Black” marked the rapper and sitcom actor’s final breakthrough as a Hollywood superstar.

“Bad Boys 4” is scheduled to be released in German cinemas on June 5, 2024, his first major film after the slapping scandal at the 2022 Oscars. His appearance at the Coachella Festival is another step towards normality after Smith’s recent death in Hollywood was left out for two years.