At the beginning of February, Heidi Klum (49) and her husband Tom Kaulitz (33) had to announce that their dog Capper had died. Stitch, the dog of Kaulitz’ twin brother Bill, died a few weeks later. In their Spotify podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood”, the brothers explain that Anton, Klum’s second dog and her partner, also died.

“There are no more tears left…” reads the description of the latest podcast episode. “After having to endure the loss of Capper less than three weeks ago, Anton and Stitch also passed away unexpectedly last week.”

Heidi Klum edited an older Instagram post that shows many pictures of her, Tom and Anton. The comment now reads in English: “Such a beautiful day today. We didn’t know it would be our last. We love you, Anton.”

Tom Kaulitz’ and Klum’s second dog Anton died on the same day as Stitch, the guitarist from Tokio Hotel now says. The brothers “couldn’t understand that we lost our dogs, the entire pack, our dearest, sweet little babies, within two weeks”.

It was particularly surprising because Stitch was only four and a half years old – and Anton was not even quite four. According to Bill, Stitch was a “perfectly healthy dog”: “I never even bothered to think that he could have anything. He was never sick. He never had to go to the doctor.” On a Sunday he suddenly collapsed.

While the singer was on his way to the hospital with Stitch, he found out that Klum and his brother were also taking Anton to another animal hospital. “That can’t be, what about our dogs?” Bill Kaulitz meant.

“I have no more tears. No, neither do I,” the two brothers continue in the podcast. The sadness is very deep. Bill believes he’s “never cried so much.” Stitch is now at an autopsy to clarify open questions. Sadly, they would have to consider whether the dogs’ deaths are related. A friend pointed out to Bill that there might be someone out there who “wants to harm them enough to kill your animals.”