It’s every candidate’s nightmare on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”: you’re sitting in the chair of the quiz show – and you’re completely on the fence. That’s exactly what happened to candidate Martina Wild on Monday’s show. The reason was a nasty pun on the name of a daily topic speaker.

Wild didn’t actually want to stay there for long. “Just do it quickly,” Wild said to him before the broadcast, reports Jauch. “Then let’s measure them against that,” he smiles. With the first questions it works brilliantly. The questions are ticked off quickly and after just three minutes you reach the 2000 euro question. And there you run into the first wall in your head.

It’s just about a name. “The first name of the ‘Tagesthemen’ presenter Zamperoni can literally be discovered in what,” is the question. The possible answers Rheingold, Walküre, Siegfried and Götterdämmerung initially leave Wild perplexed. “Now it would be an advantage to know what this presenter’s first name is,” she correctly states. But unfortunately she doesn’t.

“His name can’t be Siegfried,” Jauch gives the tip right at the beginning. “Do I really have to look for the name in the word now?” the candidate still doubtfully tries to figure out her task. “Where else?” asks Jauch in his usual charming, harsh tone.

“I don’t think he’ll be called Whale,” Wild thinks aloud. She also excludes Siegfried again – much to the moderator’s amusement. “And Jauch was laughing up his sleeve,” she added. “Yes,” the answer shoots out of him. “But we should do it quickly.” But he doesn’t really want to help. “He’s Turkish, his name is Erdäm,” he prefers to joke. “Erdäm Zamperüni.” When the candidate takes this at face value, he then explains, shaking his head, that it was just a joke.

But it’s no use. Wild doesn’t get any further and chooses the audience joker. The idea had already offended her. “You will still need them,” predicted Jauch in reference to the whispering audience in Cologne, when Wild emphasized that the cathedral in Ulm, near her home, was higher than its counterpart in Cologne. Nevertheless, he is certain that 99 percent of the audience in the room would answer this question correctly.

After a brief flash of thought – “Is his name perhaps Hein?” – the audience is then actually questioned. And actually: 98 percent vote for Rheingold, only two percent think Siegfried is the right answer, despite Jauch’s exclusion. “Which name is Siegfried?” Jauch complains accordingly. Meanwhile, Wild continues to poke around in the dark. “It’s Hein, isn’t it? I’ve got it: Reinhold,” she continues cheerfully. “Reinhold Zamperoni. His Italian ancestors are rolling over in their graves,” Jauch marvels.

Only when she had logged in was he finally allowed to leave. And the surprised Wild reveals that Mr. Zamperoni’s first name is Ingo. “It could have been deduced,” she briefly annoyed the candidate.

By the way, a surprising detail is revealed: Moderator Jauch can see in detail who in the room is giving which answer. He sets off with the microphone to confront one of the Siegfried toppers. “I was on the fence,” he admits openly. “Me too,” laughs Wild.

Then things continue to run smoothly. It was only when asked the 64,000 euro question that Wild guessed incorrectly that seals can cover their water needs with salt water thanks to a salt gland in their heads. The seagulls would have been correct. Nevertheless, she can be happy: she and her husband go home with 32,000 euros at the end of the evening.

Source: RTL