It’s a case that shook the film world: Alec Baldwin shot camerawoman Halyna Hutchins while shooting the western “Rust”. The actor fired a sharp shot from a prop pistol, the 42-year-old died, and director Joel Souza was also seriously injured.

Filming was immediately interrupted in October 2021, now it is to be resumed, as “CNN” reports. The action continues on Thursday at the Yellowstone Film Ranch in Montana – and not on the original set in New Mexico. So the film crew does not return to the scene of the accident.

Most recently, 65-year-old Baldwin and Hutchins’ widower had settled in court on an undisclosed amount of compensation, and widower Matthew Hutchins is said to be working on the production as a producer.

For Baldwin, however, things are not over yet. Charges are still pending against him and then-set weapons master Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. They are on trial for involuntary manslaughter. If convicted, they face 18 months in prison. Baldwin continues to plead not guilty, the Daily Mail reports.

For Baldwin, it’s not the first difficult phase in life. In his mid-20s, he was addicted to alcohol, drank daily and took drugs, as he told the show “Good Morning America” ​​in 2017.

His abuse capades against daughter Ireland also made the headlines. He called the then 11-year-old “mean, thoughtless little pig” after she failed to call him as agreed.

Ireland Baldwin suffers from it to this day and her father can’t let it go either. “It’s like a scab that can never heal because someone keeps picking at it. My daughter permanently damaged it,” Baldwin quoted Gala as saying in 2017.

Quelle: “Daily Mail”, “Good Morning America”, “Gala”, “CNN”