Well-intentioned sayings and phrases are anything but popular, especially in love or when you’re heartbroken. The content of the outdated sayings is often misleading, suggesting a wrong message or expectations that are no longer up to date. These five sayings should be removed from the catalog of advice.

“Love Hurts”Wrong Message: It’s normal and okay to suffer in a couple relationship. Veto: Of course, that’s not okay, and the mutual financial dependency on the partner has also changed in recent decades. Conclusion: Nobody should suffer or be unhappy in a relationship. A short phase: mostly ok. A permanent condition: not ok.

“Time heals all wounds”Wrong message: Don’t be so rude, everything will definitely get better soon.Veto: You can’t say that across the board. Especially in love there are also wounds or losses that time cannot heal. Conclusion: Please take the current pain seriously, even if it should last a long time for the other person, instead of saying this saying.

“Love overcomes everything”Wrong message: It doesn’t matter what your partner does, if it’s “true love”, then you overcome it. This saying not only questions the intensity of love, it also conveys that you have to endure everything, precisely because it is or should be “great love”. Veto: This saying makes you suffer, endure more than you should And all this only because you may convince yourself that you have to do that with “true love”.Conclusion: Even with the supposedly “great love” there are limits and conflicts for self-protection that have to be clarified. Love alone is not enough for this.

“What loves each other teases each other”Wrong message: badly packaged criticism that you should endure and take with humor because the other person only loves you. But this phrase is quickly used when a deeper problem is being addressed, peppered with criticism, sarcasm and cynicism. Conclusion: You should listen carefully to what was said and be careful not to be hurt by the teasing.

“Old love doesn’t rust”Wrong message: once you’ve loved someone, you’ll never get them out of your heart again.Veto: You absolutely can’t generalize about that. It all depends on the people and the circumstances of the breakup. Conclusion: The saying is usually only intended to underline a long-ago importance in the life of the other person, which is often no longer up to date and could stand for low self-esteem.

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