On November 23 of this year, the horror comedy series “Wednesday” starring Jenna Ortega (20) was released on Netflix. Assessing the success of a streaming production is often difficult, since there are hardly any independently determined viewing figures for the numerous series and films. For the US market, however, the company Nielsen publishes a “Top 10 Streaming List”. Only shows viewed on TV devices are included in this leaderboard. In addition, in consultation with the streaming services, the numbers will only be announced after one month. In that same Nielsen ranking, the Netflix series “Wednesday” mentioned at the beginning has now had the second-best start of all time and is undoubtedly a huge hit among viewers.

“Wednesday” was streamed for an incredible almost 6 billion minutes in the week from November 21st to 27th. Only the fourth season of “Stranger Things” had a better value between May 30 and June 5 of this year, namely 7.2 billion viewed minutes. Also noteworthy: “Wednesday” was only available for five days during the investigation period, since the Netflix series was only released on November 23rd. The fourth season of Stranger Things, however, was available for viewing for the full seven-day period. The US industry magazine “Variety” reports these figures.

The streaming service Netflix had already announced in its own charts that “Wednesday” had become the second most successful English-language series production in the history of the streaming service. The series was watched for around 1.2 billion hours in the first 28 days of its release. Here, too, the fourth “Stranger Things” season is ahead with 1.35 billion hours. The Netflix statistics include viewing hours on all playback devices worldwide, which explains the discrepancy between the figures and the Nielsen ranking.