With a photo of themselves in white jumpsuits, Juliette Schoppmann and Tahnee Schaffarczyk announced their love and at the same time said they got married – a complete surprise to most of their fans.

As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, the wedding took place in Mexico a few weeks ago, but they have been a couple for over a year. Both have been fixtures on German TV for some time – but in different disciplines.

Schoppmann was a candidate for the first season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2003. At that time, the North German not only inspired chief judge Dieter Bohlen with her singing skills, but above all the viewers. Her legendary performance of “Bigspender” will not be forgotten. At the end of the season, Schoppmann lost to Alexander Klaws, but she remained true to the show. Later she appeared on DSDS as a singing coach.

Tahnee Schaffarczyk is a trained dancer and has been a musical actress for many years. However, the 30-year-old has made a name for herself with her humor. In 2012, she had a guest role on Kaya Yanar’s show “The Kaya Show” – just the beginning of her TV career. This was followed by appearances in Mario Barth’s program, with Bülent Ceylan or in Stefan Raab’s “TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge”. Her first solo program was called

The fact that the comedienne is a lesbian was already discussed on stage. With Schoppmann, however, it was different. A good ten years ago there was speculation about an alleged relationship with “No Angels” singer Lucy Diakovska. The DSDS singer kept a low profile, told the “B.Z.” At the time, however: “I don’t comment on rumors as a matter of principle. Maybe it would be better if I were a lesbian. Then I might already be married and have children. But it’s just not like that, I’m straight. But nobody wanted to hear that.”

The newlyweds are happy about the happy comments of their fans. “We are absolutely overwhelmed by so many lovely messages and congratulations! Thank you for this wave of loving words. Let’s go for a spin,” wrote Tahnee on a picture of the two.

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