Annemarie Carpendale (45) and husband Wayne Carpendale (46) have been married since 2013. After celebrating the tenth anniversary of their civil wedding in mid-September, the anniversary of their wedding ceremony in Ibiza now follows. The couple took the opportunity to look back on Instagram on September 28th.

The moderator wrote about a whole series of pictures: “10 years ago.. and pending” (in German: “Ten years and more”). In the pictures, the couple can be seen arm in arm in front of a romantic sea backdrop, dancing exuberantly at the wedding party and with family, including Wayne Carpendale’s father Howard Carpendale (77). Wayne Carpendale commented on his small Instagram photo album, in which he shows, among other things, pictures of the ring exchange and the bride with a wreath of flowers in her hair: “So many things are so fleeting – memories last forever and so do we… ten years ago today.”

On September 13th, the couple reviewed their civil wedding on social media. “Kissed Ms. CARPENDALE for the first time ten years ago today…and still completely blown away,” wrote Wayne Carpendale on Instagram, sharing a photo of the couple from their wedding in September 2013. In the picture, the bride is wearing a white dress, holds a colorful bouquet of flowers in her hand and smiles happily into the camera. “

The “taff” presenter returned the congratulations on her own Instagram account: “Thank you for making my life complete! Not always perfect, but who wants perfect when you can also have EXCITING,” writes Annemarie Carpendale. “And you are exciting, my darling. And the best husband and, above all, dad in the world. I love U!” She also posted the pictures from the registry office in Munich from back then.