New milestone in the return to normality in Spain with the first macro-concert in a stadium for, it is said soon, almost three years due to the pandemic. From Muse in July 2019. And nothing less than the Rolling Stones, their very corny called their Satanic Majesties, who play at the Wanda Metropolitano at the start of their European tour. Not a bad shot back to business as usual. The helicopter flies in to keep an eye on the tongue-t-shirt-wearing crowd and, conspicuously, tickets are still being sold at the box office at the last minute. But almost everyone has the same thought: will there be many more occasions to see the Rolling again?

In the prolegomena of the concert, the atmosphere is diverse, tending to the veteran, or from thirty-somethings to far ahead, being extremely benevolent, in this sociological study from a good eye where you can also hear quite a South American accent and foreign languages .

But, above all, there is a great desire for rocking revelry. Giant concerts were missed, they tell us.

“Water, Coca-Cola, beer, whiskey, gin!”, they shout from a stall to those attending the ‘show’, many already with their beer to make the refreshing alcoholic preview while they wait in the long queues in the sun to enter the stadium. Others in the parking lot do some illegal thing even… police around. Had they already seen the Rolling live? “This is the third time, the first in Barcelona on the 40th anniversary tour, then in Madrid and today again at the Wanda”, Fran and Álex answer us, in a beautiful union of rock and friendship that has lasted 20 years. Do you think it could be your last concert in Spain? “We think so, that’s why we’ve come.” They wear the language shirt, the official uniform, as Beelzebub commands.

Then we meet Wima and Wim, an endearing old school from Holland, who have come to the first concert of the group’s 60th anniversary tour dressed in a nice t-shirt that mixes the Camino de Santiago and the everlasting language of their Satanic Majesties. “Without pain there is no glory,” reads the garment. Wima has already seen the Rolling six times, and Wim only 50, no less, the first time in the year 73. They are very convinced that it is the last tour of their favorite group. And that’s why they’re going to crush it.

Veteran Pedro is only the second time he has seen Jagger, Richards and company. Is there desire? “Many”. By age do you think they will give the type on stage? “I think they will hold up, yes,” he replies very confidently. Some teenagers also appear nearby, to whom I ask hopefully. But no, they don’t go to the concert. Oh. Laura and Juan, for their part, are going to see the British band for the first time. They bought them by chance, they like some songs and little else. However, they also wear their Rolling jerseys for the occasion.

One time when they painted her bald, the ‘youngster’ Vicente Mellado must have thought, who at 33 years old comes from Seville, guitar tattoo on his arm, to see the Rolling for the first time. “It’s a dream come true.” Why not before? «Well, due to circumstances. Either they didn’t come, or I didn’t have money… I came alone and here I have a cousin who also comes». We will see if it is the last tour or not, but Mellado will be able to say that he has done ‘check’ by attending the concert of one of the indisputably greatest groups in history. And that doesn’t happen every day. Same never again.