In the War of the Roses between Kevin Costner and his wife Christine Baumgartner, new details keep coming to the public. The 49-year-old filed for divorce in early May after 18 years of marriage. Since then, the two have been fighting over the family villa, the three children they have together – and a lot of money. In an application, Baumgartner had demanded monthly maintenance of $248,000 and argued that the money was necessary to maintain the “accustomed lifestyle” of her children. Costner and Baumgartner have a 13-year-old daughter and two sons, ages 14 and 16.

Costner is not ready to pay that amount yet. In new court documents, which are available to the US portal “”, among others, the actor claims that the amount of a quarter of a million dollars is not just for child support. Rather, Baumgartner also wants to use it to pay off credit card bills, their own legal fees and loans. Luxury purchases and withdrawals from ATMs should also be covered. According to Costner, Baumgartner spends $100,000 a month on beauty treatments. The 68-year-old does not want to pay for all these extras. He only agrees – as before – to bear the costs for the three children.

Baumgartner has now promised to vacate the joint property in Carpinteria, California, by the end of August. However, she still attaches certain conditions to her move. The US portal “Radar Online” reports that she first wants to wait and see what amount she will be awarded at a court hearing in July. Baumgartner states that she has no income of her own and is dependent on Costner’s payments to find a new home for herself and her three children.

“Kevin wants me to rent an apartment without having a financial plan. But I have our three children to think about. It’s not in her best interests to commit to a rent that I might not be able to afford, given that ultimately it is would lead to several moves,” Baumgartner is quoted as saying in the court documents. And further: “My goal was and is to provide our children with as much stability as possible, which includes ensuring that we have the right tools and a plan to provide them with a stable home, rather than temporary and volatile housing arrangements create.”

Costner’s attorneys, in turn, argue that Baumgartner already received $1 million. Money with which she could afford a new place to live. However, Baumgartner does not want to touch the money, otherwise her ability to contest the marriage contract concluded in 2004 would be null and void. An end to the War of the Roses is not foreseeable anytime soon.

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