Actor and presenter Wayne Carpendale (“The Country Doctor”) recognizes parallels between dating and riding a horse. “I understand that it is difficult to let go again when you have been disappointed,” the 47-year-old told dpa.

But from his point of view, falling in love means trusting someone and showing the real you – in the hope that they will handle it carefully. “I think it’s a bit like riding: If you fall down, you should get back in the saddle straight away so that you don’t lose confidence in yourself and the horse,” said Carpendale. “And in the same way, when dating you just need the trust that not everyone is like your ex.”

“Heart on board – freshly in love on the high seas”

The actor has developed a certain expertise on this topic. He can currently be seen as a presenter and “love captain” in the second season of the Vox show “Heart on Board – Freshly in Love on the High Seas” (Tuesdays from 8:15 p.m.). In it, he accompanies single women who are looking for true love on a cruise and provides them with advice and support.

“What I noticed most was the high expectations and the fear of disappointment,” Carpendale said of his observations when two people are dating. Neither of these contribute to falling in love. “The checklists that many people use when going on such dates are astonishing.” In many cases, too much attention is paid to the head and not enough to the heart.

Carpendale said he was “totally happy” to have found his wife for life – and yet he found the dating behavior of singles very exciting. “Anne and I met before Tinder, actually before Facebook and all the other social media took off, through which we now get to know new potential partners,” he reported. “Of course, sometimes we think that we would like to get to know this type of dating.”

Wayne Carpendale, born in North Rhine-Westphalia and son of pop singer Howard Carpendale, is married to Annemarie Carpendale.

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