He was a voice actor, painter and the brother of Hollywood actress Hayden Panettiere: Jansen Panettiere died in New York on Sunday at the age of 28. The actress’ spokeswoman confirmed this to “CNN”.

The cause of death is still unclear, it would be investigated by the police, the spokeswoman said. According to information from “TMZ”, officials found the lifeless Panettiere in his apartment in New York on Sunday. They were called there around 5:30 p.m. (local time). However, a crime can be ruled out, the officials told the website.

Like his sister, Panettiere was active in Hollywood from a young age. While she was very successful with roles in hit series such as “Heroes” or “Nashville”, the deceased mainly had smaller roles. His most famous film is certainly “Ice Age 2”, where he spoke a young Platybelodon. Most recently, he had a major role in the 2022 film Love and Love Not.

According to Panettiere, he suffered from depression and an anxiety disorder. In a blog post he called the painting “my therapy”. He’s painted his whole life, but only recently recognized it as an important part of himself, he explains in the 2019 post. “Anyone who knows nervousness and depression knows that they can suffocate you.” Painting is “like a breath of fresh air” that, unlike drugs or alcohol, doesn’t just relieve suffering for a short time, he explains. “I paint my problems.”

Hayden Panettiere has not yet publicly commented on her brother’s death. The two appear to have had a relatively close relationship, showing up together on social media. A few weeks ago, Jansen posted a photo of himself and his sister on Instagram. She wanted to cut his hair, he explained. Both looked happy.

Sources: TMZ, CNN, Medium, Instagram

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