Victoria Swarovski (29) feels completely comfortable in her body. The presenter and singer also shows this in the photo shoot for Lascana. The 29-year-old is launching a limited lingerie and nightwear collection together with the Hamburg fashion company. “I like my feminine curves, which I also like to accentuate with the right lingerie,” explains Swarovski in an interview.

Victoria Swarovski: That’s difficult, of course I love all the pieces from my collection with Lascana. The golden corsage is definitely a real eye-catcher and something very special.

Swarovski: I love corsages, they underline the female form and particularly emphasize the waist. Basically, I would say that you feel sexy and better with nice underwear underneath. Beautiful underwear is definitely part of every outfit for me.

Swarovski: That is certainly the case here and there. Basically, however, a woman should first and foremost please herself and feel comfortable in her own skin. Because that’s what you radiate. If you can help a little with beautiful lingerie and your better half also likes it, that’s wonderful.

Swarovski: No, my husband doesn’t give me any underwear, I buy them myself. I also have my own collection now, so I have a decent selection in my closet. (laughs)

Swarovski: That is correct. I think it is very important that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Unfortunately, like every other woman, I have a few problem areas that I counteract with lots of exercise and a balanced diet. Television in particular is enormous, before “Let’s Dance” or big shootings I put an extra shovel on top.

Swarovski: As I said before, I am a completely normal woman. If I could wish for one thing, it would be to have slightly longer legs. My younger sister Paulina shouted “Here!” screamed when I, she really has great legs.

Swarovski: I really like the whole package and I do a lot for it. I like my feminine curves, which I also like to accentuate with the right lingerie. Also, I’m very proud of my hair. A lot of people think I have extensions in, but that’s not the case.

Swarovski: As often as possible. I try to train every day, which is hardly possible with my workload when I’m on the road. When I’m free, I’m definitely in the gym every day and train.

Victoria Swarovski: I pay attention to a balanced diet, but it has to be a good mix. I’m also not a calorie counter, I eat what I like, if I overshoot the target, then it’s just longer on the bike, like now after the Oktoberfest. At the moment I am also giving up meat more and more, which is very good for me.

Victoria Swarovski: I love cookie dough, it’s hard to say no. Actually, as good as ever.