Victoria Beckham celebrated her 50th birthday on April 17th. The mega party for the former Spice Girl followed on Saturday evening. As “The Sun” reports, among others, the wife of ex-soccer star David Beckham (48) threw a pompous celebration in a noble restaurant in west London. According to reports, the Beckhams spent almost 300,000 euros on the party and of course invited numerous celebrities. Among others, her former Spice Girls colleagues Geri Horner (51), Mel B (48), Emma Bunton (48) and Melanie C (50) did the honors, which also made the celebration a real reunion party.

Other stars on site included Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise (61), actress Eva Longoria (49) and singer and J.Lo ex Marc Anthony (55). Also on the guest list were football star Gary Neville (49), actress Salma Hayek (57), director Guy Ritchie (55), celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay (57), action star Jason Statham (56) and his wife, model Rosie Huntington -Whiteley (37). All guests came in elegant evening wear. As pictures prove, Tom Cruise, for example, dressed in a classic black tuxedo with a bow tie.

The Beckhams, who of course were present in full family strength including their children Cruz (19), Romeo (21), Harper (12) and Brooklyn (25), also chose elegant outfits. The birthday girl dazzled in a sheer green floor-length dress with organza details and diamond jewelry. Despite her broken foot, she wore white high heels and used crutches to walk. Beckham posted snapshots of her family on Instagram a few minutes before the actual party. Alongside the family photos from her London villa, Beckham wrote: “I can’t wait to celebrate with my friends and family! I love you all so much.”

A total of around 40 guests appeared in the rented restaurant. According to The Sun article, things were of course luxurious there. Expensive wines for up to 5,000 euros a bottle and fine champagne were offered. A private chef took care of the guests’ physical well-being and served a fine four-course meal with oysters, sea bass and steak. Victoria was also presented with a huge birthday cake. After the meal, many guests danced and celebrated extensively into the night. As pictures also show, David Beckham gave his wife Victoria a piggyback ride due to her injury when leaving the party at around 2:30 a.m. and carried her to the waiting vehicle.

Victoria Beckham only celebrated her special day during the week with her closest family circle. According to an insider, she flew to France with her loved ones to eat undisturbed in a small restaurant on the French Mediterranean coast, far away from journalists and photographers. It was a perfect and intimate family celebration.