Fashion icon Victoria Beckham (49) usually jumps from one event to the next. But she was slowed down in February 2024 when she broke her foot in an accident at the gym. Instead of letting her injury get her down, she now proudly presents her four-wheeled knee scooter for support.

In a video in an Instagram story, the Spice Girl showed with humor that she doesn’t let her little injury get her down. She was even happy about the new accessory: “My little bike has its own parking space,” she commented with amusement on the scene in which a four-wheeled vehicle is parked in a parking garage. A few days earlier, she shared pictures in her story that showed how retired professional soccer player David Beckham (48) gave his wife a so-called knee scooter. “The best gift my husband has ever bought me!!!,” she wrote.

David Beckham also showed his humorous side: In another clip you can see him assembling a basket and a cup holder for his wife’s brand new scooter. Victoria jokes about “how much wine” she can pack in the basket. Of course, what shouldn’t be missing is a bell – “a bell for a beauty,” Beckham lovingly added.

Given that her birthday is April 17th, well-intentioned compliments may not be enough to keep you feeling confident as usual. The designer apparently doesn’t feel at all comfortable with the thought of her upcoming 50th birthday, as an insider told the gossip magazine “Ok!” “Victoria is torn about turning 50 – sometimes she’s excited about it, sometimes it scares her and she hates the fact that she’s going to be 50,” it said.

According to the anonymous source, the reason for this is the pressure to look young. As a woman in the public eye, she feels this particularly and also feels obliged to live up to her role as a fashion icon even as she gets older.