Taylor Swift is a mass phenomenon. Wherever the US singer performs, incredible crowds of fans come together. This may all seem a bit strange to outsiders, but one can no longer deny this phenomenon’s cultural relevance.

The London Victoria and Albert Museum (V

However, the person you are looking for cannot look forward to a high-paying full-time job. The advertisement states: “The successful candidates will be paired with curatorial experts from the V

As far as the wages are concerned, it is said somewhat curtly: “The V

But the advisory position certainly doesn’t look bad on young people’s CVs. The museum is one of the most famous addresses in London and enjoys an excellent reputation. It houses  the largest collection of decorative arts and design in the world.

It’s not just Swifties who have the chance to help the museum’s curators. Superfans are also wanted in the Crocs, Drag, Emoji and Tuften areas.