Due to the ongoing double strike by writers and actors in Hollywood, fewer prominent guests are expected at the Venice International Film Festival. Musician and model Carla Bruni (55) delighted the fans on Saturday. She walked the red carpet in an elegant black gown. Valentino’s dark, flowing halterneck dress accentuated the singer’s slim figure.

Bruni’s sleeveless outfit featured a cut-out detail along the chest and a high leg slit. The 55-year-old also wore a large silver flower-shaped brooch on her collar. Black stilettos and sunglasses rounded off the appearance of the wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy (68). The 68-year-old is said to have traveled to Venice with his wife.

Carla Bruni rarely speaks in public about her marriage to the former head of state. In November 2022, she made an exception in an interview with the French magazine “Elle” and raved about her life with Sarkozy. “There is a great bond between us,” said the musician.

Bruni further explained: “Today I am much calmer in this life with my husband.” He was “the most reassuring man I have ever met”. She added, “I’m addicted to this love,” the singer said. Before she met Sarkozy, she always fled from it. “I didn’t want to commit myself except to my son’s father and then to him, the only man I’ve ever married.” Bruni brought son Aurélien (22) into the marriage from her previous relationship with Raphaël Enthoven (47).

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni have been married since February 2008. They have had their daughter Giulia since 2011. Sarkozy also has sons Pierre (born 1985), Jean (born 1986) and Louis (born 1997) from his two previous marriages.