Two scripts for a legendary double episode of “Friends” are going under the hammer. This Friday (January 12th), an auction house in Hertfordshire, UK is auctioning off the scripts. According to Sky News, those responsible expected proceeds of 800 pounds (around 930 euros). But higher bids are said to have already been received. The telephone lines are said to have collapsed due to the rush.

The scripts are the scripts for the final two episodes of the fourth season of “Friends”. They were broadcast in the USA in May 1998. The episodes were filmed in London. There Ross (David Schwimmer, 57) marries his fiancée Emily. But at the altar he accidentally says the name of his true love, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston, 54). Guest stars such as future “Dr. House” star Hugh Laurie (64) and Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson (64) stop by in the double episodes.

The special thing about the auctioned scripts: They almost ended up in the shredder. An employee at London’s Fountain Studios rescued her from the trash can. It is believed that they should be destroyed so that the contents are not made public before broadcast. The now 60-year-old man took it home and forgot it in his bedside drawer.

While cleaning up, he recently found the scripts and took them to the auction house. People there were thrilled. The death of Matthew Perry (1969-2023) in October last year increased interest in “Friends,” say those responsible, according to “Sky News.” “‘Friends’ is back in the news, and I believe that a whole generation of young people have started watching the series, so it is experiencing a revival,” the portal quoted auction maker Amanda Butler as saying.