The American musician Lizzo (35) has contradicted interpretations that she had indicated a withdrawal from the music business with the words “I quit”. “When I say ‘I’m quitting,’ what I mean is, I’m stopping paying attention to negative energy. What I’m not going to stop is the joy of my life, which is making music, connecting people.” She knows that she is not the only person who often has to deal with negative comments.

A few days ago, a post by the rapper and singer caused a stir, which ended with the words “I quit.” She’s tired of being pushed around in her life and on the Internet. She constantly has to defend herself against lies that are told about her. In addition, people make fun of her because of her appearance.

The artist, whose real name is Melissa Jefferson, was confronted with allegations in the summer of 2023. Three dancers filed a lawsuit against Lizzo in court in Los Angeles. The working environment at Lizzo’s concerts was characterized by an “over-sexualized atmosphere” and there were incidents of discrimination and sexual harassment. Lizzo called these allegations false, outrageous and hurtful.