US actress Drew Barrymore (“Charlie’s Angels”) wants to continue her talk show despite the ongoing strike by screenwriters in Hollywood. “I stand behind this decision,” the 48-year-old wrote in a statement on Instagram on Sunday. She said she would stick to not discussing or promoting any films or TV shows that are being struck. Barrymore has been speaking to celebrities about love and relationships on the CBS talk show since 2020.

In a report in The Hollywood Reporter, a spokesman for the screenwriters’ union Writers Guild said that Barrymore’s show would also be on strike. At the same time, he announced protests in front of the show’s studios in New York City for Monday and Tuesday. According to the report, the first episode of the show will air on September 18.

The Writers Guild’s more than 11,000 screenwriters have been on strike since the beginning of May. Among other things, they demand better remuneration and rules for the use of artificial intelligence. There are no signs of an imminent strike.