Negotiations are set to begin again in the screenwriters’ strike in Hollywood, which has been going on for more than four months. The Writers Guild union has suggested a meeting for next week, said the umbrella organization of film and television producers AMPTP.

Both sides would now draw up a schedule for the new negotiations. The authors’ union confirmed this in a statement.

The Writers Guild’s more than 11,000 screenwriters have been on strike since early May. In mid-July, around 16,000 actors from the acting union SAG-AFTRA also joined the writers. Among other things, they demand better remuneration and rules for the use of artificial intelligence.

After almost 100 days of strike without negotiations, representatives of the Writers Guild and the major studios and streaming providers met again for the first time at the beginning of August – but several weeks of back and forth at the negotiating table have so far brought no success. There have recently been no signs of an imminent end to the strike.