For the second time, a motif depicting King Charles III. a British 50 pence coin. Since today, five million of the coins, worth the equivalent of 58 cents, have been put into circulation – the Royal Mint wants to use them to honor the coronation of the monarch.

On the obverse is again the uncrowned portrait of the king, facing left, his official profile picture. The reverse, created by designer Natasha Jenkins, features Westminster Abbey and Charles’ monogram – a symbol of the 6th May coronation at London’s famous church.

The coin is to be issued through post offices and bank branches. Consumers will soon have a chance to find “a piece of history” in their change, the Royal Mint said. However, in Great Britain – as elsewhere – less and less cash is used, card payments are widespread, even for small amounts.

As early as December 2022, almost five million 50 pence coins bearing the image of the king were issued. This design commemorated the coronation of Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth II, at Westminster Abbey in 1953 on the reverse, symbolizing the transition to the new king.

Even after the death of the Queen on September 8, 2022, many billions of coins with her crowned likeness are still in circulation. The Royal Mint emphasizes that these coins remain valid. Following tradition, the king’s face on the new coins points to the left, while his mother’s face was to the right.