RTL is launching its next in-house series production. “Two Sides of the Abyss” starts on May 8, 2023 on the streaming service. From this date, all six episodes of the thriller will be available at once on the RTL Group platform. This was announced by RTL in a press release.

What is special about the broadcast of “Two Sides of the Abyss”: The series is being launched on three platforms at the same time. In addition to streaming on RTL, the series runs linearly on pay TV on Warner TV Serie (formerly TNT Serie). The first co-production by RTL and Warner Bros. Discovery runs there in double episodes every Monday at 8:15 p.m.

Third in the group is HBO Max. The streaming service, which is not available in Germany and will be merged into Discovery in the summer, will take care of the international broadcast. Here, too, the episodes come in double packs on Mondays.

“Two Sides of the Abyss” is also scheduled to run on free TV in May. According to RTL, VOX will take over the broadcast “promptly”. However, an exact date has not yet been set.

Wuppertal police officer Luise Berg (Anne Ratte-Polle, 49) is the focus of “Two Sides of the Abyss”. During a routine assignment in a hardware store, she experiences a shock. She sees her daughter’s alleged killer. Dennis Opitz (Anton Dreger, 27) was released early from prison after seven years.

When more murders happen, Luise suspects the seemingly purified Dennis. But nobody believes her. Then her younger daughter Josi (Lea van Acken, 24) is targeted by Dennis.