Enjoy the best family tweets of the week!

Every Friday on Twitter, we pick the tweets that have impressed us over the past week. Either because they were particularly funny or because they address topics that we find important. Because family life is not always just sunshine, we all experience things that we could have done without. But they are at least as important and should also attract our attention. This is the only way things can possibly change and ideally improve in our society. It is therefore unavoidable that cheerful and serious tweets meet here. It reflects what Forrest Gump learned from his mom: “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Thank you for the anecdotes from your family life, they enrich our lives – and often also the last working day before the weekend (when there is no weekend shift…)! At the request of a fan, we created our own page where you can also find the old collections of tweets.

Thank you also for your emails telling us that the tweets of the week herald the weekend for you too! ????

If you experience things that deserve more space than an embedded tweet, please send us an email to socialmedia@stern.de. If we see potential in the topic because it could be interesting, inspiring or otherwise important for many people, we will get back to you. Some things start with small observations and only become big when many people have noticed a similar phenomenon or problem. We look forward to your inspiration!

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